Summer Peace Gatherings 

Ongoing Summer Opportunities!

A Message From Christian Education: Be on the lookout for summer opportunities for us to gather as a peaceful, loving folks who want to enjoy one another and their surroundings.  All are welcome. 


In July we enjoyed ice cream with cows! Yes, ice cream with cows! We had a fabulous Bethany outing at the Beidler Family Farm on a perfect late July evening.  We admired the flower beds, chatted with the chickens and hung out with the cows!  Then we had ice cream Sundaes and a sing-along with Andy and Brent.  Perfect!

Stay tuned for more peace gathering opportunites! 

School Kits for Church World Services

Going on now!

The Outreach Committee is collecting school supplies for Church World Service school kits.  Take advantage of the Back-to-School sales to help us collect:


-Child size scissors - rounded tip only

-70 count bound notebooks

-30-centimeter / 12 “ rulers

-Hand-held pencil sharpeners

-Large erasers (no pencil cap erasers)

-New, unsharpened pencils with erasers

-24 count boxes of crayons


These school supplies will be packed inside cloth bags to be distributed throughout the world by Church World Service wherever there is a need.  Last year we sent out 35 bags!!!  Thanks for your help with this outreach project.